The Lights Camera Action title logo.

Lights Camera Action is a half-hour serial situation comedy that premiered on September 25, 2014. The final season finale aired on May 9th, 2024.

The series revolves around six aspiring actors-turned friends trying to make it big in Hollywood together amid their social and home lives, relationships and friendships. The group consists of the fun-loving mother hen, Mel Buckingham; sassy, sarcastic and sometimes crude Dani Kors; lovable bad boy, Mateo Kahn; loyal boy-next-door, Graeme Ramsay; innocent and conservative rule-follower, Becca Conrad and the insecure and intellectual rich boy, Nick Troyan. Hopes, dreams, love and friendship serve as the main themes of the show. Lights Camera Action (LCA) explores several storylines including: Dani and Mateo's ups and downs as the main couple of the show; a love triangle between Nick, Becca and Graeme; Mel's relationship with an older man; the character's careers, children and much more.