Nick Troyan
First appearance | Pilot
Last appearance | The Story Of Us
Number of episodes | 220
Full name | Nicholas Andrew Troyan
  • Nick (by everyone)
  • Nikki (by his mother and siblings)
  • Nikki boy (by The Sexy Six to make fun of him)
  • Money Bags (by the Sexy Six)
  • Troyan (by Simon and Nicole)
Gender | Male
Birthday | January 27, 1993
  • Southampton, New York (1993-2010)
  • Manhattan, New York (1993-2010)
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts (2010-2014)
  • Los Angeles, California (2014-present)
  • Intern (season 1-3)
  • Resident (season 4-6)
  • Actor (season 7-present)
  • The Browning School (1998-2011)
  • Harvard University (2010-2014)
  • William Troyan (father)
  • Anne Troyan (mother)
  • Robert Troyan (brother)
  • Janet Troyan (sister)
  • Anthony Troyan (brother)
  • Eve Troyan (daughter)
  • Rebecca Conrad (ex-wife)
  • Susanna Fairchild (ex-wife)
  • Amanda Huffman (ex-girlfriend)
  • Quinn Fields (ex-girlfriend)
  • Kelly Shankman (ex-girlfriend)
  • The Boys' Apartment
  • 2014 BMW X5 (aka Queen B)
  • 1998 Toyota Camry (gift from Mel)
  • 2017 Bentley Muslanne

Nicholas Andrew "Nick" Troyan (born 1993) is one of the six main characters of Lights Camera Action. He was born to William and Anne Troyan in Upper East Side Manhattan, New York. Growing up partly in Manhattan and partly in Southampton, Nick's life was always of luxury. Acting was always a passion of his, but he put it aside for a while to please his highly-strung parents. To their satisfaction, Nick attended Harvard University to become a doctor. Finally, feeling rebellious enough, he made his way to Los Angeles to become an actor, much to his family’s chagrin. In L.A he met five new friends. Although with his best friend, Rebecca Conrad, he had a daughter, Eve Troyan.                                              

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Nick is a kind-hearted, knowledgeable, visionary. He never disappoints with his loyalty, generosity, patience and passion. He accepts everyone for who they are and cooperates with all. He’s very careful, responsible and a hopeless romantic. He falls in love very quickly, but always finds it hard to fall out. Breakups and the end of Christmas are two of the hardest things for him to deal with. He has an incredible intellectual mind and is very observant, yet super clumsy. His curiosity gets him into some unfortunate situations at times and he is incapable of keeping a secret. Although he has a big mouth, he makes up for it in sweetness. He can be extremely insecure due to his pressuring and controlling parents. He never felt good enough for them- or anybody. He also struggles with sibling rivalry, all of them being put higher on his parents’ pedestal. His family has a lot of money which allowed him to buy apartments for his friends and himself. He definitely enjoys the luxuries of the upper class, always dressed in the finest apparel and riding in the nicest car.



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