Aired from | September 25, 2014 - May 14, 2015
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Finale | Tattooed Heart
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Season 1 of Lights Camera Action aired from September 25, 2014 to May 14, 2015.

Season Summary Edit

Season 1 starts off by introducing the six main characters: fun-loving mother hen, Melanie Buckingham; sassy, sarcastic and sometimes crude Danika Kors; lovable bad boy, Mateo Kahn; loyal boy-next-door, Graeme Ramsay; innocent and conservative rule-follower, Rebecca Conrad and the insecure and intellectual rich boy, Nicholas Troyan.

The six twenty-somethings all meet on their first day of their new job as interns on a TV show set. Despite some previous friendships from the past, it's the first time they are thrown together as a group. Mel and Dani have been best friends since kindergarten; Mateo and Graeme buddies from college; and Becca remembers Graeme from when they went to high school together. The six of them quickly become friends, so quickly they even decide to be roommates the afternoon upon meeting. Nick, having money to spare, purchases two apartments across the hall from one another: one for the girls and one for the boys.

This season revolves firstly around the friends' ability (or inability) to cope with their new job, surly boss, Nicole Meyer, and the second group of interns who seem to always be out to get them.The friends deal with the multiple rumours spread about them by the other group (namely "Taylor Trash") and their resident boss, Taylor Hayes. Trouble with Taylor Trash and drunken acts at their bosses' wedding leads to their suspension for the majority of the season.

Season 1 also touches on the somewhat controversial budding relationship between Mel and one of Hollywood's most respected directors, Simon Wells. The controversy comes from their large age gap (18 years) and their difference in status. Simon takes Mel to various high-class events where she doesn't quite fit in. He invites Mel and the others over to his mansion for dinner early on in the season and they all feel out of place. Simon at times feels ashamed of Mel and even refers to her as his "colleague" during a red-carpet interview, leading to their first breakup. Later on in the season, Simon finds out that Mel slept with another co-worker on set during that breakup and isn't too happy about it.

Season 1 also focuses Dani and Mateo's continuous struggle to determine their feelings for each other. Their relationship is the most prominent of the show and is one of its biggest running storylines during then entirety of the show's run. Throughout the season, Mateo finds himself falling in love for the first times, struggling to figure out how, why and what to do about it. Finally he decides to tell Dani about it, even though she carries on a relationship with the cocky actor, Kenneth Boland during this season. Mateo and Ken are constantly at odds, always feeling threatened by each other. Dani also has difficulty choosing between them, but goes for Ken because he promised her he'd help her get ahead in her career. During the season finale, Dani accidentally tattoos Mateo's name on her wrist instead of Ken's.

Finally, this first season shows the very beginnings of Becca's constant dilemma to choose between Graeme and Nick which lasts throughout the entire show as well as Dani and Mateo's storyline. Becca has always had a mini-crush on Graeme ever since high school, fascinated by his good looks and kind-hearted personality (especially despite being a popular jock during school). To Becca, Graeme always seemed so unattainable, so out of her league, so when he asks her out in the finale, she has to say yes. This is all despite the fact that throughout the entire first season, she had been developing a very unique, supportive and strong friendship with Nick. Her view on him is completely different from her view on Graeme. So during the entire show's run, it shows her struggle to choose between the two different men, and two different worlds.

Cast Edit

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Simon Wells (17/22)
  • Kenneth Boland (13/22)
  • Jordyn Reid (9/22)
  • Nicole Meyer (8/22)
  • Max Trodden (7/22)
  • Trish McKinnon (7//22)
  • Theo Frankenberger (6/22)
  • Taylor Hayes (7/22)
  • Lyndon Wheeler (7/22)
  • Megan Fraser (7/22)
  • Aliya Hall (7/22)
  • Zoe Walton (7/22)
  • Zach Sutherland (7/22)

Guest Cast

  • Amanda Huffman (5/22)
  • Jason Huffman (5/22)
  • Paige MacKenzie (5/22)
  • Naomi Cains (5/22)
  • Ty McLean (5/22)
  • Joshua Grant (5/22)
  • Maria Butler (5/22)
  • Bill the Janitor (1/22)
  • Esmeralda (2/22)
  • Doctor Farkas (1/22)
  • Samara Rankin (1/22)

Episode List Edit

# Total Title Original Airdate
1 1 "Pilot" September 25, 2014
The six interns start their first day of work at Paramount Studios. They get grouped together under the leadership of a bitter resident, Nicole Meyer. After work, they grab Bubble Teas at their favourite little cafe, The Beverly Hills Beverage House (The Beverly) and get to know each other. By the end of the day, they all have a new home in a fancy new apartment building in Beverly Hills payed for by Nick whom they soon discover is loaded. They sort out the living arrangements and receive their first group nickname: The Sexy Six which somehow actually sticks.
2 2 "Housewarming" October 2, 2014
Becca decides to throw a housewarming party to wear in the new apartments but she soon she realizes her new friends have a different sort of party in mind. She accidentally plans a sort of housewarming/house party hybrid and soon everything that could go wrong, does. Mel invites Simon, the group's boss to the party and develops a little crush on him. Dani and Mateo have a moment on the balcony, but Dani walks away before he can kiss her.
3 3 "Work Hard, Play Hard" October 9, 2014
Becca gets fed up when the others leave all of the cooking, cleaning and other chores to her so she tries to teach them how to clean up after themselves. Mateo embarrasses himself by attempting to be romantic for Dani, when all they both really want is to hookup. Mateo promises Dani that he won't fall in love with her and then they sleep together. Mel and Simon also sleep together for the first time but the secret isn't secret for long when Becca finds his pants and confronts the group about them.
4 4 "Dine And Dash" October 16, 2014
Simon invites Mel to have dinner with him but she chickens out and brings the Sexy Six (S.S) along with her to his mansion. They all arrive under dressed and are fail to act with proper etiquette and manners at Simon's sophisticated dinner party, embarrassing Mel. Mateo sneaks off with Dani to ask her out on a date which she declines. Then they decide to jump on one of the guest room's beds only to be discovered by their friends and of course, Simon.
5 5 "Bathroom Break" October 23, 2014
The boys' bathroom is being renovated so all six friends have to share the girls'. Becca creates what she calls a "bathroom wheel" where you spin to get a time limit in the bathroom ranging from 5 minutes to an hour. Everyone hates the idea so Graeme suggests they have a boys vs. girls competition to see who takes longer in the bathroom to speed everyone up. If the girls win, the boys have to write their name in Sharpie on one of their walls; and if the boys win, they get the girls' living room furniture.
6 6 "Haunted House" October 30, 2014
Nick gets the group tickets for a haunted house to prove how he can handle anything. The others obviously don't believe him and want to prove him wrong so they make it their mission to scare him, calling themselves the Team of Terrors. Becca doesn't approve of this plan and tries to stop them. Becca hurts Nick's ego by warning him about the pranks so he suggests they try to scare the other back.
7 7 "Flashdance" November 6, 2014
Mel and Dani flash what they think is a bus full of teenage boys but happens to actually be a bus full of elementary school kids coming to the studios for a fieldtrip. The interns are assigned groups of kids to give tours. Trish and Theo are getting married and invite everyone. Kenneth asks Dani to go to the wedding with him as his date. Mateo is a little hurt when he finds out. Graeme is taking a member of Taylor's team to the wedding which the others don't approve of.
8 8 "Wedding Bell Blues" November 13, 2014
Mel and Graeme both take separate sides in the whole Dani and Mateo affair. Dani and Mateo help each other get ready and Ken catches them both in their underwear together, and later the rest of the group does as well. Graeme promises Nick he'll find him a date to the wedding then forgets. Becca laments about not having a date and confides in the boys about her insecurities. Then the S.S get drunk.
9 9 "Like A Virgin" November 20, 2014
The Sexy Six get kicked out of the wedding for making a scene so they head over to a nearby bar. They introduce Becca to alcohol for the first time and help her loosen up. She obsesses over people thinking she's old. The next morning, Graeme vaguely remembers filming portions of the night so he plugs his phone into the TV and they watch what was recorded. It shows them all telling stories of how they lost their virginities. Becca feels ashamed that she hasn't actually lost hers yet, and lies to the group about it.
10 10 "Rumour Has It" November 27, 2014
Taylor's team spreads rumors about the S.S: Mel the gold digger is only dating Simon for the money, Dani cheated on Ken with Mateo, Becca and Graeme slept together, and Nick is crushing on Nicole. They have to work to rectify their reputations. The S.S get punished for their inappropriate behavior at the wedding with a suspension.
11 11 "New Neighbours" December 4, 2014
The girls are longing to have their couch back after losing it to the boys a few weeks earlier. When they learn they're getting new neighbours, Amanda and Jason down the hall, they make a competition that could work out in their favour: whoever the new neighbours like the most, get the couch. Everyone tries to suck up to them in their own way to get the couch for their apartment. Mel volunteers to babysit their baby niece; Graeme takes them to the Lakers game; Dani flirts with Jason; Mateo shows Amanda his abs; Becca makes them baked goods and Nick unintentionally ends up kissing Amanda.
12 12 "Hap-hap-happiest Christmas" December 11, 2014
For their first Christmas together, the Sexy Six have a hard time fitting all of their separate traditions into one holiday. Becca wants everyone to write about what they're thankful for and everyone makes fun of her trying to change Christmas into Thanksgiving; Dani and Mateo fight over the TV and almost have a moment; Becca moves Graeme’s tree to show her Nativity scene; Nick wants everyone to sing Christmas carols and Becca ruins Mel's gingerbread house.
13 13 "My Funny Valentine" February 12, 2015
Mel and Dani go out to celebrate their 18th friendship anniversary. The next day, hungover, they go out for dinner with Simon and Ken. Nick brags about his Valentine's Day date with Amanda and later hooks up with her. Mateo and Graeme drunkenly make eHarmony accounts and discover Becca's old one. Graeme convinces Mateo to go out with a couple of their matches and they happen to see Becca waiting for her match at the same restaurant.
14 14 "Infection" February 19, 2015
Nick confides in Becca when he suspects he has an STD. Becca takes him to get a shot. Simon and Ken invite Mel and Dani to the Oscars with them. Simon refers to Mel as his co-worker in a red carpet interview. Mateo and Graeme find out more rumours are being spread about them on set while they've been suspended and decide to try and find some allies. Graeme somehow ends up on a date with a member of Taylor's team, Jordyn. They sleep together.
15 15 "Car Wash" February 26, 2015
Mel is furious when she finds out Simon thinks of her as only a colleague. The S.S want to cheer her up so they decide to plan a Spring Break trip. To raise money for it, they organize a car wash. The S.S find out Becca's never had a boyfriend. Mel breaks up with Simon.
16 16 "Spring Breakers" March 5, 2015
Nick disapproves of Mel wanting to have casual hookups to get over Simon. Becca finds out that her high school nemesis, Pam, was Graeme's first long-term girlfriend. Nick's allowance doesn't come through so they have to trade their fancy hotel for a sketchy, run-down motel. Dani, Mateo and Graeme get into a fight with the motel manager resulting in a few injuries. Mel finds two guys to hookup with. Graeme tries to help Mateo ignore his feelings for Dani. Becca apologizes to Graeme for freaking out about Pam. 
17 17 "Happy Campers" March 12, 2015
Graeme suggests they all go camping to take advantage of being suspended. Becca had a hard time packing and adjusting to the wilderness, same with Nick. The two of them hide out in the tent the whole time which annoys Graeme, leading to him finally snapping. Dani and Mateo spend some alone time together on a hike around the campsite. Graeme keeps his relationship with Jordyn secret. Becca wants Nick to talk to Amanda about his infection. Mel misses Simon. Nick scares the others with a little prank. Mateo sneaks into the girls' tent and he and Dani share a kiss which Mel sees. 
18 18 "Kiss And Tell" March 19, 2015
Mateo opens up emotionally to Nick. Becca is flattered when Mel chooses her to talk about Simon with. Dani tries to find out who Graeme is sexting. While Graeme and Nick are out buying flowers for Amanda; Dani and Mateo are at the bar; and Becca runs to the grocery store, Mel finds herself alone. She has a little meltdown and tries to push the girls' original couch back to the apartment and ends up calling Simon for help. When they others get back, Mel hides Simon in Mateo's room. The S.S get into a little fight and start exposing each other's secrets. Becca finds out Dani and Mateo came to her dinner party drunk and that Nick was trying to juggle her dinner party and meeting up with Amanda. Nick tells everyone that Becca has never been kissed and Becca spills that Amanda has an STD. Mel exposes Dani and Mateo's kiss and Dani chastises Mel for her moment of weakness. Mateo spills that Graeme's dating a member of Taylor trash.
19 19 "Birthday Boy" April 23, 2015
They all try to plan a fun party for Graeme's birthday and end up deciding on a 90s theme. Amanda refuses to speak to Nick. The friends formally meet Graeme's new girlfriend Jordyn for the first time and are not impressed. They try to make her feel as unwelcome as possible at the party. Ken gets jealous when Dani and Mateo kiss during spin the bottle. Amanda walks in to find Nick kissing Jordyn during the game. At the end, Mateo asks Dani out.
20 20 "Back In Business" April 30, 2015
The Sexy Six are finally back at work after their suspension. Nick isn't dealing with his breakup too well and has a hard time getting out of bed. The S.S piss Nicole off the second they get to work. They each get thrown back into their jobs by working with one of the directors for the day. Simon finds out Mel slept with Zach during their short breakup. Aliya hits on Mateo, but he's distracted by Dani. Theo warns Graeme and Becca never to get married. Nick finds out that Lyndon is Amanda's cousin.
21 21 "Drunk In Love" May 7, 2015
Becca tries to gets the others to help her figure out the meaning of love but no one is supportive. Nick is bitter about the breakup with Amanda; Mel is bitter about Simon's attitude about sleeping with Zach; Graeme wishes his girlfriend was accepted by his friends; and Dani and Mateo just plain want to shut Becca down. Graeme helps Mel TP Simon's mansion. She ends up admitting to doing it but they make up. Becca encourages Nick to delete the photos of Amanda off his phone. Mateo formally asks Dani again to be his girlfriend and to stop stringing him along. She tells him to start getting over her. Nick and Becca go to the bar and he tells her about his problem with rebounding because of his past. Graeme tells Nick and Mateo to fight for who they love.
22 22 "Tattooed Heart" May 14, 2015
Graeme can't bring himself to break up with Jordyn so Mel does it for him. She also tries to tell Mateo to get over Dani. Lyndon tells Nick about things Amanda said about him. Mel blows off Simon to go to the bar with the others. They all get drunk again. Mateo asks Dani out yet again. Nick thinks he had a moment with Becca then finds her dancing with Graeme. Dani drunkenly suggests to Ken that they both get wrist tattoos of each other's names. She accidentally gets Mateo's name instead. Nick gives Mateo some surprisingly thoughtful advice about love, and in return Mateo tells him to fight for Becca. He goes to ask her out, but she has some news of her own.